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We always appreciate when our customers share with us their thoughts, suggestions and feedback about our service. This is the best tool and guide for us to improve our services to you. Please your feedback about how we performed the work for you and we will be glad to post it on our testimonials page. View what some of our clients have had to say about us.

View below what some of our clients have had to say about us:

I have a gas dryer that was malfunctioning. It would work for a few hours and then stop working and all the power to it would need to be cut and turned back on in order to restart it.

I contacted several appliance repair companies in Queens and they all said that the motor was dead and needed to be replaced. Additionally, I was told that I would need to wait several days for an appliance repair technician to come to my house, unless I wanted to pay an after-hours or weekend service rate.

But when I called Queens Appliance repair, the technician was able to come to my house just an hour and a half after later. Plus, the technician was on time and fast, and discovered the source of the problem was just some dust and loose wires and I didn’t need to replace the motor. I was very pleased with Queens Appliance repair and will use them again if I need a future appliance repair service.

Jason D.
Bayside Queens, 11361

We definitely had a great experience with Queens Appliance Repair and in particular with their great customer service. The representative on the phone took detailed information about our problem with our Sub Zero refrigerator, which wasn’t cooling properly. We got an appointment within three working days and they called 45 min. before the appliance repair technician showed up at our house. The appliance repair technician was right on time at 2.30 p.m., told us what the problem was, how long it would take, how much it will cost, and then he got right to work.

Queens Appliance repair is very clear on pricing and charges by the job. They guarantee their work and did a great job.
A couple of days after the technician fixed the problem, the representative from Queens Appliance Repair called back to check how the refrigerator was working and to make sure that we were pleased with the work. I can say that we absolutely are.

Thank you guys
Malcolm F
Bronx New York, 10499

I was so frustrated with my Hotpoint gas oven that I was my tempted to rip it out...but thankfully decided to let the guys at Queens Appliance Repair to take a look at it and, if they could, repair it before I replace it with a new one. This turned out to be a good decision.

The tech that showed up on Saturday exactly at the expected time. He was friendly, efficient and actually quite funny. He was also very straightforward with his diagnosis. I offered him coffee, and he worked for one hour in my small kitchen, so by the he was finished, we were almost friends.

Also, a one-year warrantee on the labor you can't beat that.

Trish H.
Flushing Queens, 11352

I've had a number of experiences Queens Appliance Repair, all of which have been very positive. They provided an honest evaluation on the work that needed to be done on my Maytag washer and performed the repair work the same day in a professional manner. I also recommended them to a friend for an emergency refrigerator repair. They came out to her place at 8 PM, diagnosed it and fixed the issue quickly, and didn’t even charge her extra for the emergency call.

In the past I had a couple of negative experiences with other appliance repair companies in Brooklyn, such as missed service appointments and inaccurate estimates. But Queens Appliance Repair always arrived on time and provided honest evaluations. They are very responsive with excellent customer service, so I'd recommend them to anyone looking to have appliance repair work done.

Thank you
Virginia B.
Brooklyn, New York 11229

I had never problems with my dishwasher before and I’m not originally from the Queens area, so I was totally lost when my Whirlpool dishwasher started having problems. I tried to call several appliance repair places offering dishwasher repair service in Queens. But after paying tons of money the dishwasher wasn't fixed and I had to find someone else to fix it.

A colleague at work recommend Queens Appliance Repair. They were very nice on the phone and the technicians who come to my house was completely honest. Queens Appliance Repair fixed the leak on my dishwasher and even taught me how to do regular maintenance so I wouldn’t have more problems and have to get more work done. Since then I haven’t had any other problems with my dishwasher—it works great and the dishes come out sparkling clean. But if I have any problems with my other appliances I definitely will call them again.

Queens, New York 11499