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In Queens, Brooklyn and the Bronx , we repair and service all brands and models of garbage disposals. If your garbage disposal doesn't get cold or hot water, doesn’t spin or you have any other problems, simply call our toll free number and we will take care of rest, returning your garbage disposal to perfect working order. Call us any time for a same day appointment for your Queens, Brooklyn or Bronx garbage disposal repair. We will work with you to set the garbage disposal repair appointment for a time that is most convenient for you:

We understand that everyone has a different schedule and we will always work with you to schedule your Queens, Brooklyn or Bronx garbage disposal repair. For a convenient and flexible garbage disposal repair appointment in Queens, Brooklyn or the Bronx, call us at our toll free line:


For parts only: 800-370-9281

Please note that all purchased garbage disposal parts are shipped directly to you.

If you prefer, you can as well for an garbage disposal repair appointment in Brooklyn, Queens or Bronx. In the email please include your name, phone number, zip code and brief details of the problem that you are experiencing with your garbage disposal. As soon as we receive the email we will contact you, so that you can schedule your garbage disposal repair appointment in Queens, Brooklyn or the Bronx.

The information below will help you to become more familiar with your garbage disposal. It will also help you to use your garbage disposal in the most effective and efficient ways. This way you will be able to save money on utility expenses and to extend the life of your garbage disposal.

IMPORTANT: Do not try to use your own skills and get involved in any garbage disposal repairs that you are not familiar and experienced with. Ninety-nine percent of the time when you repair garbage disposal you deal with water and electricity and if you don’t know what you are doing this could be a dangerous mix. It could literally kill you! Do not take chances with your safety. The information below is strictly for educational purposes. We strongly encourage you not to getting involved with any garbage disposal repairs on your own. All garbage disposal repairs demand experience and professional training with gas or electrical systems and can become very dangerous if you don’t have the knowledge for repairs. For professional help garbage disposal repair in Queens, Brooklyn or the Bronx call us any time at:


It is recommended that disposers be operated on a separate electric circuit. If you replace an old disposer, the wiring most likely 1salreistIV there. If you're installing a continuous feed model, be sure that existing wall switch is rated at 15 amps or more. If not, change it. It you are making a new installation, check to see if a feeder is available nearby. If not, you may want to call in an electrician to run the circuit in either case, you'll save substantially even if you install only disposer unit yourself.
• Grind all waste immediately.
• Always use cold water and the recommended water flow rata,
• Make certain water is running before grinding the food.
• Grind fibrous matter in small amounts with other food waste,
• Do not grind metal, glass or china, unless otherwise indicated in your instruction book.
• Never pack waste in this causes jamming.
• Be sure that disposer is empty before operating dishwasher,
• If dishwasher drains into disposer, run disposer for short time after dishwasher is used.
• If odor appears, run through ice cubes and several orange or lemon rinds.

For professional disposal repair help call us 24/7 at: